Pillowbook Publishing is the stuff of dreams and what is stored in this artist's memory palace. It will feature upcoming works produced from my new home base, New Orleans.

Born in the US to a family of entertainers, my life began as a colorful road trip as seen from the backseat of a Buick flying down the midwestern highways.

I have paid it forward a generation with my own artistic talents in visual design and a collection of work inspired from my travels and experience. While my careers include design for theater, dance, independent film, print and gallery installations, my work reflects a certain texture drawn from an eclectic array of diversions, disciplines and detail collected from my journeys both abroad and within the US that have inspired me.

This offering is part of an ongoing series of inspiration unpacked from a suicase of wonders found in the passages, boulevards, and backroads.

We are in the process of updating this website, so please be patient and check back soon for new releases of artwork soon to be available in the Gift Shop.

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